woow.. what the hell is it…

English comprehensive in our campus, is the final test for English Study Subject. so if we pass this test we wouldn’t meet our English teacher in next smester, that’s a good new for us :D.. but I am really apreciating Mr Firman’s doing. he is the most patience teacher who teach us every night faithfully. but we are laziest student in whole bogor.. Hag.. hag.. hag.. sometimes we did’nt do our home work, and said to another.. “please,, don’t remembered him, about our home work”. and the fellowship of lazy people had just begun. but sometimes, he had forget too, and we are safe from our duty.

But he is just a cool down teacher, our English Teacher. I should said specialy that, thanks to Him, may Allah give you all the best.

Our attitude is efecting to our ability of English, so when we have another task, we can’t do in right way. we just can look around or googling, to accomplish the task. and here we are.. just a ordinary colleger, without ability of good speaking English.

when English compre began, I was chatting with another, and taking our picture for updating status in our Facebook… hehehe, thas just for fun man… and when the First name called in judges room. we begin reading and some times practice. the question in test is almost same, just introduction, tenses used in introduction, and promoting a product like some sales promotion force.