“Places to dispose of waste more difficult to be allocated for the growing of population and development activities are expanding from year to year. Planning the location of new waste removal must be done considering this will cause a greater impact in the future. A spatial data model to describe the condition of solid waste services and management of municipal waste are needed by the Department of Work and Spatial Notices (Dinas Cipta Karya dan Tata Ruang) in Bogor City, to plan the strategic steps that should be done. hoping that any plan that would do is an initial step of the responsible movement for waste disposal management, and in accordance with the Indonesian National Standard (SNI), which aims to improve public health and quality environment and make the waste as a resource. By assessing these problems in terms of information technology a Geographic Information System are necessary for planning sustainable waste management”

keyword : Waste Management, Geographic Information System, Data Modelling, Spatial Data

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can an information technology participated in municipal waste management