This posting, created especially for another surfers from outer Indonesia to declare that I’m an Indonesian, and I love being and living in my country. I really appreciate the culture and technology from other country but it not make me hypnotized. I acknowledge that Indonesia is not have good name to be appreciated by another country to making my country being famous. but from this posting I would changes their mind.

Bali island

first thing I can tell you about my country is some place that being famous since terrorist bombing accident. Yes, it is Bali, its known as Godest island. Actually I didn’t visit the island. But from my school teachers and friends who have visited Bali, and another sources. I really proud I live in the country with Bali in it

For your information, Bali have 5.634 km2 area. With 3.891.428 population people


second, Indonesia have Komodo. Varanus komodoensis it’s the scientific name. I usually meet the mr.Komodo, when I visiting Taman mini Indonesia indah. At taman mini there are some building shaped like komodo. From that place I getting more excited to see that dragon-like animal from near space. I visited Kebun Binatang Ragunan – south Jakarta or taman safari – Bogor to see it. The biggest komodo can grow up to 3.13 meter length and 166 Kg weight. If you wanna see the paradise of komodo you can fly to the Komodo island, its 2 island far away from west side Bali island.

Distribusi komodo

Borobudur palace

Third one is Borobudur palace, it’s a heritance from 8th century from syailendra dynasty. It’s the symbol of the golden era of buddhist architecture in Indonesia. It founded by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles,  in 1814. You can visit this ancient heritage when you came to semarang – jawa tengah.

That’s above is gift of Allah Oneness of God from the past until now.

Hero of independence war

Fourth, Indonesia have the hero of the struggle for independence. That what always make us proud because were born from the sacrifice of our heroic grand grand father/mother. We can survive from four colonialism country (Portugal, Holland, Japan& England) in more than 300 years. I can’t imagine how Indonesian people can handling and surviving from them.

One of place you can remembering the heroes is Taman Makam Pahlawan Kalibata – Jakarta selatan. You can see the photograph and heroes grave. Most of them is the heroes of after ’45th independence war. And you can see my grandfather there, named Fadjari

Neighborhood culture

Fifth place what makes me loving my country is my family, my friends, my teachers, and other people around me. Yeah, we have a nice relation, tolerance each other, keeping smile and crying together. moreover there some ancient proverb “eating or not as long as we’re together (makan ga makan asal kumpul)” . Indonesian have solid relation each other, we respecting each other, pity and care to another, but sometimes were avoiding chroes. it just a simply life isn’t it?.

Smiling is always be our culture to make other people feeling better. I don’t know why, but  when peoples meets even you don’t know who, he/she always smiling. it just a simply life isn’t it?.

there is so much thing I can tell you, but above it just a glance